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 Road to recovery

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PostSubject: Road to recovery   Road to recovery EmptySun Sep 21, 2014 1:24 am

Sam was unsure on what to do.  He needed to do something, but help was so far away and she too brittle to carry.

"A CART!" Sam exclaimed moments later in realization.  Waterdeep was too far too get one, so he built one, using what he knew of shipbuilding from his father and the machete used to get into the thick forest in the first place.

After the tow-cart was fashioned he needed to find his way to Greenrest, not to mention through High Forest.  He somewhat knew his way to Waterdeep, maybe he could find his way from there?

Nearly losing his was, he found Waterdeep half a day late.  Sam quickly found traveling by horse cart would take nearly a month, so he opted to use his last coppers to buy a healer.  Nocturne awakened, couldn't remember why she would seek out a town like Greenrest.  None the less, if those thus could find her in the forest, the could find her in a city as large as Waterdeep.  Maybe she heard one of them mention Greenrest and she could find some clues there.
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Road to recovery
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