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A Play-by-Forum game of the Tyranny of Dragons D&D adventure campaign, beginning with Hoard of the Dragon Queen and concluding in Rise of Tiamat.
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 The Official Forum Rules

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The Official Forum Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Official Forum Rules   The Official Forum Rules EmptyWed Sep 17, 2014 1:32 am

1. All posts in The Game forum are assumed to be in-character. When your character speaks, use quotation marks. Out-of-character speech in The Game forum must be preceded by "OOC:" or something to that effect. All other forums are strictly OOC unless otherwise noted.

2. You have 48 hours to respond to a prompt, whether it be with speech or an action. If you have not posted after the 48 hours are up, I will assume you say nothing and/or continue doing the last thing you did. If you are choosing do nothing/say nothing, please say so if possible so that I can move the game along. Please enable email notifications for this reason. I will also send you a reminder via Facebook at the 24-hour mark.

3. You are responsible for rolling your own dice. You may use physical dice, or a die rolling app (let me know which one you use if you go that route). You are on the honor system. Post results of your die rolls as follows:
[Skill/attack/damage]: [Result shown on die] + [Total of modifiers] = [Final result]
Example - Acrobatics: 13 + 4 = 17

4. Be descriptive. The more you immerse yourself in the game, the better it becomes for everyone. Don't just say "I attack". Tell me what you're doing in detail. Also, don't worry so much about mechanical details, especially regarding combat. There is no combat grid; combat takes place in the theater of the mind. "Is that monster 30 or 35 feet away?" It's probably close enough that you could realistically make it, so just go for it.

5. Don't be overbearing. It's natural that certain characters might be more dominate in a certain conversation or certain events, but in most situations try to be mindful of the other players and allow more-or-less equal contribution.

6. A quick question can get a quick answer. If you need to know who is near you in a combat or need to know if you can use a certain skill check to do something, don't hold up the game by posting it in the forum where I may not get to it for a few hours. Message me, text me, whatever means are most convenient, and I will get you an answer ASAP.

I will add to this list if and when I think of other things. If there is something you feel needs to be added, let me know.
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The Official Forum Rules
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