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 Torfinn's back story

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Torfinn's back story Empty
PostSubject: Torfinn's back story   Torfinn's back story EmptyTue Sep 16, 2014 8:04 pm

Torfinn Haakonson was born into a lower ranking clan compared to his fellow shield dwarfs. His parents were both soldiers in the army, but upon, his mother Arnheid Jordson's pregnancy, she decided to take a post at the large settlement that they lived in. Being of a lower clan, meant that his father, Gjafualdr Haakonson would return to the battlefield to help build the reputation of their family name. The land Torfinn's settlement was built on was rich in resources, providing numerous opportunities for experience in various professions. This allowed any young dwarf to set realistic goals in learning a profession from an early age, although, every young dwarf knew from birth there was no more honorable venture then the life of a warrior and none better to pursue than joining their proud army. Torfinn's mother had great ambitions for him for she believed that since he was created in the fields of battle by two warriors, war was in his blood and soul. So from a young age, Torfinn's mother trained him to be a warrior and he was a natural; like an artisan of war, the shield was an extension of his resolve and the hammer, an extension of his willpower. When he was finally of age to enlist, he awoke to find his mother had departed with a regiment in the night and she had left him gear packed by the door. Filled with inspiration, he set out to the barracks to fulfill his destiny.

Torfinn rose through the ranks quickly, for his mind was sharp on the battlefield and his determination seemed to leave slain foes in his wake. Once he had become an officer, he was tasked with joining a detachment that was being sent to assist a group of adventurers in driving out a group of goblins who had retreated into a cave system in the underdark. The detachment was to travel to the cave the goblins entered and press through to meet the adventurers near where they were holding out, eliminating any reinforcement or stragglers of the goblin army on the way. While in the tunnels, Torfinn's detachment was ambushed and overrun by a group of duergar who were trying to cut off aid to the adventurers. Death was in sight for Torfinn and his detachment when out of the darkness came a light, and with that light came four adventurers lead by a broad shouldered knight who fought his way to the center of the detachment and rallied the group to victory. This knight would later be known to Torfinn as Ontharr Frume, and they would spend some time talking about all battle has taught them.

Ontharr and Torfinn would cross paths many times after the battle in the tunnels, the most defining of which for Torfinn would be when Ontharr caught news of a dwarven detachment from the same army as Torfinn that had been captured by goblins. Torfinn's detachment with the help of Ontharr tracked down the goblin army but in the process found out that one of the members of the detachment was Torfinn's father. After finding the cave the goblins were in, Ontharr took a group through the main entrance and Torfinn lead his detachment in from behind. Taking the goblin army by surprise they began tearing through their ranks with such ferocity that the goblins were struck still with fear. To insure the dwarfs would never accomplish their goal of rescue, the leader of the goblins set the holding cells on fire. Torfinn, in an effort to save his brothers and his father, charged through the flames after the goblin leader but the goblin leader was poised for battle. Ontharr, hot on Torfinn heels, rallied what troops could be spared to free the dwarves from the cages. Unable to get to Torfinn himself, Ontharr focused on helping clear the cages. The goblin leader's rank was well earned as he was an expert in combat but his technique was no match for Torfinn's legendary determination, and Torfinn was determined to end his reign. The leader fell under the blows of the bloodthirsty dwarf and no sooner than the body hit the floor Torfinn crashed through the cage that held his father. The majority of the prisoners were saved though the rescue did not pass without taking its toll, many received grievous wounds including Gjafualdr who was blinded in the incident. Filled with anger and guilt, Torfinn grabbed the sword of the goblin leader and with all the emotion built up inside of him, brought the sword crashing down on the neck of the goblin leader with such force it snapped the battle worn blade in two. Ontharr help Torfinn lead Gjafualdr away from the cave and later back to the settlement Torfinn grew up in. Torfinn never once looked back at the cave, broken sword strapped to his side, one hand guiding his father, the other hand carrying the head of the goblin leader.

The events of the battle left Torfinn weary, he had seen so many of his battle brothers lost, so many friends slain. He awakes one morning, grabs his gear, and reports to his superiors asking to be relieved of his duties for he has a calling to pursue. Hundreds of his battle brothers stood by the gate to the encampment as he walked out into the open plains; he stops after a few paces and turns back to see all of them standing at attention, saluting. Offering one final salute, he faces the sky and offers a prayer to his god, "Shield my brothers from harm, shield them and I will do all I can to prevent the loss of good souls", he slowly turns, walking toward the horizon to live out whatever life brings him.

Sometime later Torfinn is sitting in an inn, quenching his thirst after dealing with some bandits raiding the road to the town he was in. A messenger approached him with a letter from an old friend; Ontharr Frume asked him to look into some dragon activity he caught word about in a town called Greenest. Figuring a hunt for rumored dragons would be a interesting change of scene from bandits and wild animals, he grabs his gear and gets ready to leaves toward Greenest. He stops at the door, "Dragons, eh? My father is going to enjoy this story when I get back I'm sure", he says to himself as he opens the door to head out.
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Torfinn's back story
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